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Patched the rat cage with this strong ass epoxy. Really hope they can’t manage to chew through that somehow. This morning was soooo frustrating.

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve made an appointment to see my psychiatrist November 7th, and see about changing my meds. I’m kinda dreading it, but I know it needs to happen. I’ve been in a bad place lately, but every now and then I’ll feel somewhat better. It should be the opposite. I’m genuinely worried again.

Among other things, my impulse control is rather shot. I just bought 11 hats on eBay this afternoon. Which I almost find funny. I just wish all my impulse control issues were things I could laugh about.


Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

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hey, I hope its okay to ask, but have you ever stopped being turned on by something? recently, every time someone posts nude guys or porn with guys on it, I dont react the way I used to, I'm just like "meh," the same could be said about anyone else I see nude/having sex really, except my interest very slightly peeks for them. So idk if this is like a common temporary thing or if i'm discovering a change in my sexuality. I look at girls more than guys but I only get butterfly feelings for guys

There are some things I’ve been really into at times, but later the feelings have changed. I think that sometimes we just see too much of certain subjects, and it can get boring to an active mind. Or to put it another way, our interests become broader, so we seek out new material.

Personally, I find females more esthetically pleasing. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with you though. I could quite literally see two pictures of the same pose, subject matter, etc, and if one’s male and one’s female, I’ll gravitate to the female version. I don’t think it has a direct impact on sexuality, but rather what looks pleasing to someone.

I hope this helps.

Stayed up really late, even later than when Shika and I said good night. Then Rob wakes me from a dead sleep, that only lasted a few hours, because the rats chewed through the bottom of the new cage, and Sugar Plum was missing. I was -not- at my best, and felt very clumsy and awkward and well, irritable. My sleep schedule is already total crap with the nightmares and unnecessarily vivid dreams. Anyways, I found her, on my own.

That was around 9, and now it’s almost 1, and I haven’t gotten back to sleep yet. This is really stressing me out.


*me pointing to a ship* close platonic relationship

*fandom crying voice* no… that’s wrong… they cant be platonic………. stop….. theres no proof…… ………. they look into each other in eyes and hugged like once ……. stop saying this fake thing….

*me pointing to a ship* luv that close platonic relationship


Being able to find someone you click with so naturally is the best feeling ever. You feel like you’ve been best friends you’re whole life, it feels like you’re coming home. You’re so comfortable with them. Maybe that’s what a soulmate is. Not someone who shares every single thing in common with you, but someone who feels like home.


The only version of this damn meme I wanna seeimageIs a happy Izumi Curtis

I really don’t understand why Rainbow Dash is such a popular character. She showboats, ignores others to further her own agenda, and has to be the center of attention to feed her ego. Even Rarity seems to be nicer and have less of a demand others feed her ego. I really just don’t get it. At first I didn’t care much for Rarity, but god… Rainbow Dash is so much worse.


Are you a teen? This blog is for you!

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Karmen Ortiz from missgreeney's comic Lost Pieces


having your favorite character be a minor character is like being a proud mother at a school play and cheering every time your kid comes on stage even though they’re playin the part of tree #3


Juno Love (and Maya King in the second one) from missgreeney's amazing super awesome adorable creepy webcomic Lost Pieces!!

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Goddamn.  Smart woman for thinking of the “ordering a pizza” thing, and smart dispatcher for picking up on it.